• weekly blog entries (ca. 200-300 words) on course site, critically reflecting on texts read or found and tools tried out (20%)
  • active participation, including following relevant scholarly communities via social media (20%)
  • one DHMS guest blog (600-700 words) (15%)
  • formal “conference” presentation of final project, ca. 8 pages/15min (%15) – presentation format can include traditional paper, PP or Prezi presentation, poster, etc.
  • final project (30%), including process writing / story board (details to be determined)

Final Project:

  • proposal (ca. 300 words) for envisioned (team) project – to be submitted by the first week after Spring break
  • 4-5pp. process writing (documenting ideation/conceptualization, trial and error, “mapping” project)
  • digital project realized online