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About the Course

This seminar serves as an introduction to three areas of inquiry and scholarship practice that increasingly inform cultural studies and humanities scholarship:

1)    media studies, an interdisciplinary field including media theory, media history and the history of technology;

2)    digital humanities, an interdisciplinary and collaborative field that embraces using digital tools for humanities research and teaching and, in turn, urges us to analyze digital culture(s) using humanistic approaches and methods;

3)    and multimodal scholarship, discussed here as a combination of both media studies and digital humanities, widening and deepening semiotics for scholarly communication in general.

We will discuss a range of introductory readings, explore theoretical as well as practical questions related to these three areas for teaching and scholarship. Importantly, we will delve into practical work that will help us develop our own, informed and creative approach to media studies and digital humanities on the background of cultural studies and humanities scholarship.

At the end of the semester you should be familiar with some basic concepts and questions in media studies, have worked with and analyzed examples of humanistic research in the digital age, and be able to apply some digital tools with a critical foundation to begin to pursue your own research and publications.

Questions to be addressed include: how is traditional humanities research developing into what some call knowledge design? What does multimodality have to do with using digital media? What forms of scholarly communication are in practice or envisioned and which should one choose for a particular project and why? How do I critically analyze and evaluate these new modes of inquiry and scholarly production? And how are such new modes of inquiry “read” and evaluated?